ALBERTA TWEETS is a data visualization project designed to provide insights into the UPCOMING PROVINCIAL ELECTION IN ALBERTA.

During the election the team at Alberta Tweets will be pulling twitter data based on #hashtags and the twittersphere conversation surrounding the upcoming 2012 Alberta Provincial Election.

Every week, we are planning to release a set of infographics charting conversational trends during the campaign. The idea is to produce a visual representation of what is happening with the online discussion. We want to see emerging trends about the election; which party is generating the most online buzz, the hot topics of the week and how the leader's online influence is changing. Thoughtout the election we will also be posting about our results and observations. Heck, we might even invite some professional pollsters to guest blog.

Infographic Preview



The Twitter Conversation - April 8th to April 15th


But in the mean time, while we wait for the election announcement and get the site up and running, take a look at the conversation that is already happening.




If you want to stay connected to the project give us a follow on twitter (@albertatweets). You can also get incontact with us at: