Welcome to the second edition of our Party Leaders At A Glance infographic. Similar to last week’s infographic this snapshot is designed to really highlight three basic elements of the online conversation being fostered by the Political Party leaders. It examines the Twitter audience, Twitter activity and Facebook audience of all five of the party leaders to see how they measure up against one another.

Some of the major changes to this week’s edition include a reversal in the twitter activity between Danielle Smith (@electdanielle) and Raj Sherman (@rajshermanMLA), with Smith leapfrogging the rest of the leaders with her twitter prowess. While on the Facebook side of things, Brian Mason’s (@bmasonndp) current Fan Page continues to see some stellar growth with by far the largest growth of the five leaders for the week. Premier Redford (@premier_redford) also continues to attract the largest audience on twitter with almost 200 new followers this week. Which should push her past the 10,000 follower mark in a little less than two weeks.

Anyways, for your view pleasure here’s the latest version of the infographic.

Party Leaders At A Glance (March7th-March14th)