Well everyone, it’s the final week of the election and the roller coaster ride continues. The Leader’s debate was the dominate topic during week three and we’ve seen a reflection of that in our data. For the first time since we started tracking trending topics, Education (#abed) and Health Care (abhealth) were replaced by the debate (#abdb8) as the hottest topics online. We’ve also seen some interesting stats in regards to the parties themselves, with a big jump and a leveling off of mentions. The battle for cities continues, with another switch in standings. If anything this week’s date tells us that this election is going to be exciting right down to final days.

As with last week’s release, this infographic is designed to highlight the key trends in the online conversation. Using the hashtags of #ableg and also #abvote as a basis for our analysis, we have designed this to look at the size of the overall conversation, the frequency in which parties are mentioned, the popular topics, the most active tweeters and which Alberta cities are being mentioned the most. As with previous infographics we’ve noticed some interesting nuggets of information.

  • This week saw the largest growth in the #abvote with 35,000 tweets this week. In addition, over 5,000 unique users were chatting about the vote this week.
  • With all the discussion about the Wildrose this week, we actually saw a drop in mentions and a stabilizing of their numbers this week. That being said, the number of mentions for them still out paces all the other parties.
  • The Progressive Conservatives have also stabilized in second pace, but continue to gain mentions.
  • The most interesting change occurred with a reversal in mentions between The Alberta Liberals, The Alberta Party and The Alberta NDP. The Liberals shot to third, which is partially due to Raj Shermann’s popularity during the online debate, while the NDP plummeted to fifth place for the week.
  • As mentioned, the Leader’s Debate was the most talked about topic of the week, supplanting Health Care (#abhealth) and Education (#abed) as the top conversational pieces.
  • Gay and Lesbian rights (#LGBTQ) appears for the first time this week at number seven, which of course was brought on by the controversy over the weekend.
  • The ridings of BevClare (#bevclare) and Calgary Klein (#yycklein) continue to be two hot battlegrounds online.
  • In regards to the Top Tweeters, we’ve seen a subtle shift in the numbers and positions. No official accounts appeared on this week’s list, but it is clear that @rootnl2k continues to be the most active account online.
  • Edmonton (#yeg) is still the top dog when it comes to location based discussion, but Calgary (#yyc) is within striking distance. Will we see a final change this week?
  • Fort McMurray (#ymm) is safely in third place and continues to show it’s twitter prowess over the course of the election.
  • Red Deer (#redder) jumps ahead of Lethbridge (#yql)in activity for the week.

For those curious, we will be posting our stats for the week on Sunday, so as not to distract from the big election day next Monday. But if anything make sure you get out and vote on Monday April 23rd, 2012.

The Twitter Conversation (April 8th - April 15th)